Marc Blucas forgets to wear his shirt…and his pants 2-26-11

February 26, 2011

There are worse things in life than being beefcake on a show.  Just as Marc Blucas while you’re checking him out both shirtless and pantsless in these photos.

Marc has been popping up in movies for a while now, most recently in the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz action comedy Knight and Day and has also shown up alongside Mel Gibson in We Were Soldiers, Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave and as Katie Holmes’ love interest in First Daughter.  But he remains best known as Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s love interest in a few seasons of that classic cult favorite.  And being the kind of show it was, Sarah Michelle Gellar was never the one taking off her shirt, but Marc sure was.

Marc Blucas playing a super soldier hunting down monsters sure gave him a great chance to strip off his shirt a lot and boy oh boy did the show take advantage of that.  Not that viewers were complaining or anything.  And while Riley wasn’t Buffy’s most popular love interest (we always liked Spike the best) he sure made an impression while he was there.

We’ve got two big reasons why Marc Blucas made that impression and they’re his buff chest and tight ass.  Both are on display in these pictures so all fans of his can come on in and gawk to their hearts’ content.