Shirtless Patrick Warburton pictures really show the man behind the voice 7-22-11

July 22, 2011

No one knows how to do as much with as few words as Patrick Warburton.  A big hunk of a man, he’s managed to grunt his way to stardom thanks to being genuinely hilarious and for that it’s his turn in the spotlight.

Currently appearing in Rules of Engagement, Patrick is also famous for doing the voice of Joe Swanson on Family Guy.  Patrick Warburton has one of the most distinctive voices in Hollywood today and he knows just how to use it to get the maximum laughs.  That’s something he picked up on Seinfeld where he played mechanic turned auto dealer David Puddy who sometimes slept with Elaine and very rarely had much to say except for “High five!” or “Gotta support the team” or “Feels like an Arby’s night” while all the while squinting intently.

He also put that voice to good use in the beloved Disney cartoon The Emperor’s New Groove as the lunkheaded Kronk.  He had all the quotable lines and right now you’re probably thinking of them right now.  “Oh yeah…it’s all coming together…” And who could forget all the great work he’s turned in as the voice of Brock Sampson on The Venture Brothers.  Patrick’s voice has made him rich and for good reason.

And today we present a look at Patrick Warburton that few people get to see.  We’ve got him naked in these MaleAllStar pictures, taking screen caps of him shirtless and even pantsless in everything from Rules of Engagement to his time in the movie Big Trouble where he ends up in trouble with airport security and having to run naked to try and get away from them.  It actually makes a little sense if you see the movie, but truthfully you’d be better off checking out the Dave Barry book it’s based off of instead.

Patrick Warburton is one of the few people who could put on a blue superhero suit and play The Tick and not look absolutely ridiculous doing it.  He’s one of the funniest people out there today and we just hope he forgives us for exposing these pictures of him naked.

High five!