Mark Valley shirtless pictures show why he’s destined to be a star 10-19-11

October 19, 2011

Sometimes we find ourselves asking the deep questions.  What is the meaning of life?  Are we alone in the universe?  What the hell was the last season of Lost all about?  And why isn’t Mark Valley a star?  And when you check out how good this hunk looks stripped down to his sexy bare chest you’re going to be asking yourselves the same question.

Mark was the star of the Fox cult hit Human Target, but not even his sexiness or the show’s wild adventures could keep it on the air.  Loyal fans cried in despair, but unfortunately there was no season three of the show this year.  But it’s just a matter of time before Mark lands on his feet.  After all since showing up on Days of Our Lives more than a decade ago, he’s been on an upward swing on his career and he will find the right project for himself soon.

After all he might be a hunk and a half in these sexy shirtless pictures, but Mark Valley is way more than a pretty face and awesome abs.  He’s got charm to spare.  And it’s not just Human Target that won him a loyal audience of fans.  It was his work on Keene Eddie and Boston Legal and even Fringe, where he made the most out of a small part.  He’s got the looks and the talent.  All he needs is the right vehicle to display both of them.

But as we wait for that right project to become a reality, his fans can comfort themselves for there being no season 3 of Human Target by coming into MaleAllStars and checking out shirtless Mark Valley pictures.  He’s buff and on display here and there will be many damaged keyboards from drooling saliva as a result of this.

These shirtless pictures are just what the doctor ordered for his sad fans.  It won’t bring the show back, but it will certainly remind everyone just why they liked it and its sexy star so much.